The Reason to Care

In a society where adults and our supposed leaders cannot protect us from threats, such as gun violence or climate change, it is our job, as the rising generation, to take a stand and voice our opinion.

"It doesn't affect me.”

“No offense, I don’t really care, and it doesn’t actually matter.”

We've all heard it, especially from teenagers, and the reality of the matter is that a disproportionate amount of people genuinely believe political and government issues are irrelevant and don't serve any good.

And here's the problem:

Whether we like it or not, politics control our finances, our jobs, our favorite restaurants, and essentially, anything you can think of, so they definitely impact you. And occasionally, the idea of not being affected by politics may reflect a message that privilege allows for escaping from economic and racial challenges that a large percentage of the country must face.

I can't speak for other teenage political enthusiasts, but I know that the majority of my friends and classmates enjoy their life without having to pay attention to the government. And I’ve been there. Prior to researching the top stories and reports, I was perfectly happy. However, after gathering information, I am far from content.

And… Yes, you are probably asking yourself why I am implying that you should do something that will make you unsatisfied.

Because it drives you. We cannot understand the rage in our society without grasping the entire picture. So, we don’t realize our system is broken, and when we do, it causes a colossal uproar. Wondering why youth all around the world are stealing the headlines?!

Because we are furious.

Furious with the world our parents and grandparents left us.

Furious that nobody took the initiative to fix it.

And furious that it’s 2020, and we cannot get it right.

Today, gun violence is the third leading cause of death for youth 17 and under.

Humans, all around the world, continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy our world, as there is a 95% probability that human activities are the cause of drastic effects on our atmosphere and the environment.

Each day, 700,000 youth are isolated in juvenile detention centers, while another 1 in 28 children have at least one parent in prison.

As a country with mass amounts of power and wealth, you would expect 2020 to be a year full of changes and futuristic thought, but we should’ve known better. Our previous generations haven’t done any help, but rather, they have accumulated overloads of oversights and faults, further damaging the US and the world.

However, the youth are rising, and we are catalysts for change. We now realize that our parents aren’t going to fix the problems they contributed to, and it is up to us to reassemble our torn world before its pieces drift too far apart.

Recently, I’ve struggled with the idea that total strangers hold my life in their hands. They decide whether it runs smoothly or not, how I receive my education, where my soon-to-be important financial deposits go, and fundamentally, this male-dominated group controls my rights.

And the worst part about it is that I have

no say. As a minor, I can’t vote, so I’m supposed to sit back and watch these issues unfold right before my eyes. Society expects us to keep quiet and just hope that someone may express an opinion that complements our own. However, I know that I, along with many other rising youth, will not be relaxing until our voices are heard.

Waiting for someone to defend our position just allows us to watch our world deteriorate in front of us. Americans put their trust into elected officials, counting on them to make the proper, honorable, and most logical decision for the country, yet those of us who aren’t of age just pray that our nation’s supposedly mature citizens will vote for the right candidate. in adult view gets us nowhere.

A voice is the only thing that will move us. We cannot get what we want without articulating our thoughts, and showing adults that we are educated and capable of contemplative outlook is essential to our legitimacy.

And by staying one step ahead of the game, the world will listen to us upfront when we are of age, aware of our credibility, sincerity, dedication, and knowledge.

We must show our world that we are rising youth and will do whatever it takes in order to seek justice and equality in our society.

This is your world. This is your future. This is your children and their children.

Yes, watching Netflix is probably more fun than reading the headlines. I get it. Next time the news channel pops up on the television, just take a few minutes to get caught up and remember that we are discussing your human rights. It is up to you. It is up to me, and it is up to us. This is our job.

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