5 Best Ways to Take Action While Social Distancing

During quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us would agree that motivation is difficult to find, and the itch to sit in bed and watch Netflix has kicked in. However, here are 5 simple, yet AWESOME, ways to continue your activism while still leaving you with leftover time for your personal desires:

1. Post a picture of yourself with a protest sign - take advantage of social media!

Just because we can’t lead or participate in marches doesn’t mean our efforts should cease. #climatestrikeonline and #digitalstrike already have 43,217 posts altogether! Attempt to start a new hashtag and encourage your friends to post!

2. Sign petitions and share your views!

Petitions are one of the most effective ways to put your thoughts into action. This is your opportunity to share how you feel!

Click here to tell Congress that the COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped gun violence or inform Governor Newsom of your thoughts on the detention of immigrants and asylum seekers by ICE!

3. Reach out to and connect with others!

Social media is your best friend. There are thousands of accounts that will suit your needs and don't hesitate to reach out. They love to hear from their audience!

4. Do your research!

With all the extra free time, watch some movies or read a book to learn more about an issue or topic that interests you. Below are a few of my personal favorites - some are simply inspirational, while others are more serious, factual, and educational.

5. Join virtual events!

While we are unable to participate in physical marches or protests, many organizations have pursued their endeavors online!

  • Variety of Students Demand Action events!

  • Virtual voter registration drive (coming soon)

  • Students Demand Action: virtual field offices

  • June 15: Say it Out Loud conference

Click here to find more opportunities!

Continue fighting! Our voices are still here, and social distancing will not take them away!

As always, feel free to email me,, or DM me on Instagram, @therisingyouth_, with any further questions or comments.

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