The Rising Youth seeks to unite the next generation of worldwide leaders and encourage them to get involved in their community. We strive to raise awareness and educate young people about the challenges our world faces today, and share what we can each do in order to change the faults in the trajectory of our future. 

Why us

I have a feeling that you...

  • are invested in the future of your country and world

  • are passionate about politics, international relations, or social justice

  • want to learn more from another perspective


And if you’re not… don’t worry! We’ve all been there.


I will provide you with simpler explanations and the resources necessary to understand the ins and outs of the government. So, whether you are an expert or apolitical, you’re in the right place!

Although The Rising Youth desires to educate the upcoming generation, all ages are welcome. Older or younger… we’ve all got something to learn :)

The majority of my content and posts will focus on social justice, but they can include anything from the most recent government news to eco-friendly DIY projects. I can assure you that by partaking in our community, The Rising Youth, you will walk away with all the information you need to change your world.

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Hello all, and welcome to The Rising Youth! This is Maya, founder and creator, and I greatly appreciate your visit. 


From a young age, my parents lectured me about our world, constantly reminded me to treat everyone with kindness and respect, and enforced the radical belief that we are all =. However, the private school bubble I grew up in sheltered its students from the "real world," so my young, naive self never fully grasped the importance of my parents’ “morality talks.” 

As I matured, I grew sick of the small community and felt a need to branch out. Coincidentally, I transferred to a public school during the 2016 Presidential Election, exposing myself to people from all walks of life, but I remember my first day vividly, intimidated and confused as to why there were so many fights. Most of them were related to the government and that year's election, which made sense considering that many of my classmates were greatly affected by these executive decisions, as a large percentage of them were first-generation Americans or from working-class families. 

Despite my parents’ strong beliefs in equality and respect, I wasn’t fully aware of the situations my classmates referred to, and I didn’t know whom or what to believe because I always abided by what the adults in my family were saying. 

I desired to learn more, so I subscribed to various Youtube channels, followed a few Instagram accounts, and read the news quite frequently. I wanted to understand these conversations, rather than sitting on the outside bewildered. 

I quickly developed beliefs of my own, furthered my research in political headlines, and engaged more in my Jewish identity and heritage in Mexico, Russia, and Europe, allowing myself to gain awareness about myself and the world around me.


At first, my worldview was limited, as my small religious school protected their students from the reality of our surroundings and didn’t expose us to the challenges outside of our community. My passion for social justice has brought me much further in life, especially from the person I was four years ago when my interest sparked, and it allowed me to grow into a more confident young adult, something that was difficult for me as a child with social phobia.

I now aspire to help educate others and encourage them to discover a passion for the world around them, and lastly, I want to give back to the community that helped and supported me along the way.

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